Summer team building activities

It’s time to get out, get some fresh air and get the whole team stretching their minds and bodies: we’re talking about summer team building.

Thus, just as during the Christmas season, companies organize their corporate event in the summer. With holidays just around the corner and good weather, there are plenty of reasons to organise this type of activity.

The benefits of carrying out team building

The team building is very useful as a development tool within a company, allowing to increase the self-knowledge of each of the members. Thanks to him they are reinforced:

The motivation

A key point in achieving worker productivity. With the summer team building activities, the staff feels cared for and looked after.

The feeling of belonging

Thanks to the team spirit of the activities, the sense of identity and belonging to the group is reinforced.

Strengthened links

In a relaxed and fun atmosphere the bonds between colleagues flow naturally, creating sensational memories and connections beyond the work environment.

Improved communication

Through interaction, participants are forced to communicate assertively and effectively to achieve a common goal that has nothing to do with professional purposes.

Thus, the objective of team building is to take the team out of the usual environment, the office, and propose games and activities that encourage collaboration to achieve success, while ensuring fun. However, we recommend that you find out the preferences of each template beforehand, choosing the option that best suits all of them.

Lack of inspiration? Below, we propose 8 summer team building ideas for you to enjoy as a team.

8 ideas for summer team building

Paella Competition

Demonstrating your cooking skills and testing those of your colleagues is a recurring activity to enjoy in a team. Simple and economical, you don’t need big tools to carry it out: an esplanade, a few paella pans, many ingredients, different groups and… Let’s cook!


To the mountain, to the river, to a vineyard… One day is enough to disconnect and offer quality time for similarities to emerge and for companionship and a good working environment to increase. For example, a peculiar night out in the mountains can be a very good option to create memorable memories among all of you.

Party on… A rooftop?

In summer, rooftops are a popular attraction. With a privileged view and beer in hand, we would like to stop time and declare summer as a permanent season. Moreover, in all cities we find these places that bring the magic touch to any meeting or encounter.

An evening to the rhythm of the music of the moment, where you can uninhibit yourself and meet those with whom you work in a more familiar atmosphere.

Mini Videoclip

Shame on you! With this in mind, we set two different challenges. After giving free rein to the imagination and getting a lyric according to the day to day of our company, we will have to coordinate all to create and record the choreography. And why not, give an award for best dancer.

Yellow Humor

Who is not familiar with the famous Japanese program where 100 contestants were faced with a multitude of fun tests in a group? A team building activity where you can test your reflexes, agility, strength and courage… Laughter is guaranteed.

Multi-adventure parks

A little adrenaline and body skills: zip lines, climbing walls, skill circuits of various levels, archery… The multiadventure parks offer a varied series of activities that give rise to comical situations and good times with all our companions.


This dance, composed of body percussion and singing, became known worldwide through New Zealand’s national rugby team, the All Blacks, historically used as a challenge to rivals in war.

The idea is as follows: you will all learn a joint haka and then be divided by tribes, design your own tribal paintings and create your own haka.

Corporate Beer

Novel and unusual, this activity allows you to create a special edition of beer… Our own corporate beer. In addition to being interesting, this option is perfect for reinforcing your brand image and ending the day with a tasting of craft beers.

These are just a few ideas you can implement at your summer corporate event, all with plenty of vitamin D. And if you have the beach nearby… The sea and sand offer thousands of possibilities to exploit your creativity and organize, without any external agent, fun activities.

Do you have any new and interesting ideas? Feel free to share it with us in our comments.