The business of corporate events

Corporate events are an important part of marketing. We analysed Privateaser, a platform that facilitates the organisation of the best business events…

In view of the high demand, more and more companies are facilitating the search for rooms and premises through the Internet. If you are in charge of organizing this type of activity, you surely know that you can reserve the ideal space for your events in online platforms. In this article we analyze one of the leading companies in Europe in this sector: Privateaser.

A lot of companies have discovered the benefits of holding a corporate event and for that reason, especially in the case of corporate events in Madrid, it is quite difficult to get the right space. For this reason, having the service of a prestigious company, which offers the service of finding the location with the necessary capacity and requirements, saves time and eliminates one of the biggest headaches when organizing an event.

Privateaser: more than a business event, a unique experience

The best and most successful corporate events are those that have a number of key elements, whose purpose, apart from achieving certain specific objectives, is to be memorable. That is why planning an event of any nature becomes, above all, the design of an experience for the participants, and reserving adequate spaces for the activity to be carried out is one of the most important aspects.

Privateaser, a growing company, leader in the organization of events, with presence in important cities in Europe, offers a personalized and free service in terms of site search. Through its platform you can access a photo gallery, where it is possible to find different alternatives of various styles, capacity, location and prices, which make up its demanding portfolio of premises in Madrid.

Through this page it is easy and simple to make a free reservation, with the assurance that you will receive an answer within four hours. And because of the quality in the selection of the sites it presents, there is no doubt about the guarantee of holding the event, whatever it may be, in the ideal space and with all the necessary services for that purpose, which guarantees its success.

Why so many corporate events are organized

Many people attend the events organized by the companies in their sector, as this gives them the opportunity to meet people who are similar to them, to share experiences and to do business, while at the same time being informed and having a good time.

The benefits that companies of any size that implement this marketing action show are multiple. Of these, a very important one is that, if adequate media coverage is achieved, free publicity will be obtained in the different dissemination channels.

There are different types of business events, including the presentation of new products or services to customers and prospects. And there is no better way to get to know them and listen to their opinions and needs, since, despite the multiple digital options for communicating with them that exist, none has managed to replace the value of human contact.

Another of the most outstanding advantages of this type of marketing action is that if, through an inspiring and entertaining activity, which emotionally involves the attendees with the brand, we give them valuable information, word of mouth will work wonderfully and there is no better publicity than this.

What is important when planning a corporate event

Planning a business event is an art. In fact, in the most sophisticated markets this activity is a professional specialty and there are people who are dedicated solely to creatively designing that unique experience that participants must live.

Obviously, selecting the right place with the right equipment and in good condition is the big challenge: for example, a problem in the audio can spoil all the effort made. But then come the themes of the meals, speakers who will participate, special guests, decoration, materials that will be given, etc., etc.

We must not lose sight of the fact that a corporate event is a marketing action and therefore must involve a strategy where the objectives that are to be measured afterwards are established. There may be several indicators in this regard, one of the most important being the number of orders placed by attendees in the following months, if a product is to be introduced.

Other relevant topics to consider are: previous mailings with the description of the topic, the profile of the event in terms of its dynamics of fun/entertainment, if a moderator is going to be hired, invitation to the media, location of the attendees, protocol in terms of receiving the guests and their farewell, as well as subsequent communication with the attending public in order to measure their satisfaction.

In short, there are many details to be taken care of so that an event is a memorable experience for the audience and benefits the company that promotes it.

And remember that Privateaser is an excellent strategic ally, offering free customer service and the possibility of booking online the best sites in Madrid, will be a fundamental part of the success.